Office Remodel

IMG_0261 As you can tell by these photos, I'm in the midst of another, more permanent office remodel.  This is probably the 5th remodel I've done in the last 2 years and it's certainly going to be the best once it's done.


The reason for this remodel is that I had three large book cases and a huge desk that were collectively giving me claustrophobia.  So I thought if I put all my books on one shelf that circled the room I could free up the space that those bookcases were hogging and finally be able to set up my desk the way I've always wanted: One section as a committed standing desk and the other section as a committed standard sitting desk.

I've had a standing desk before and a standard sitting desk but never at the same time.  Having both available to me in the same space will be great.  I can't wait.


I've got one section of the shelf completed and I already like the way it looks.


I think this is going to be a good solution for me.  I'll post pics once the remodel is completed.  Should be a welcome change.


What do you like about your office?  What would you change?