Off to Ethiopia

In the morning I leave for a 12 day journey to Ethiopia and I am PUMPED. This will be my second time heading across the Atlantic to train and coach church leaders in Central and Southwestern Ethiopia.

This year we are working with students from 2 major Universities, church leaders that represent close to 1,000 local churches, and we will be showing the Jesus film in multiple locations.  I also have the extreme honor of preaching in a local church this coming Sunday, an experience I am eagerly anticipating.  Just thinking about seeing our friends in Dubancho and Hosaena again brings joy to my heart and I'm anxious to meet all of the University students and hear their stories.

I've taken some screen shots so you can see exactly where we'll be ministering during our time in Ethiopia:


Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. We'll be working with students from the University here and encouraging them to pursue outreach and evangelism through their various post university vocations.


Hoesana will be our central location for most of the trip.  Here we will be working with church leaders spending a large amount of time discussing the importance and practical applications of both children's ministry and youth ministry. 

dubancho 2

The blue pin is where the village of Dubancho is located.  It's not even labeled on this map, hence the blue pin.  This is the village that we have built a relationship with over the last 3 years.  Here we will spend all of Sunday with the villagers, enjoying church and fellowship.  We'll also be checking in on the micro-loan process and cattle fattening program that is starting there.  When we get back we hope to have some video documenting this process and the stories of the families who have been affected by these two projects.  I can't wait to share them with you all.

I'll be sure to post about it all when I return.

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