My Most Resilient MacBook Air

Last night I went out to mow the lawn, which had become quite unruly. Not six feet into my first pass I saw, out of the corner of my eye, my wife running at me waiving her arms like a mad woman. "Something terrible has happened!" She screamed. Immediately I thought that Ben Afleck had been named the new Batman (oh wait....). I asked what had happened and she said "I spilled a glass of water on the MacBook Air and now it won't turn on!"

Immediately I understood what it must have felt like to be a character in one of Shakespeare's tragedies.

We both rushed inside, dried off the computer as much as possible, assaulted it with the hair dryer and then, thanks to a friendly reminder from Jason, laid our beloved MacBook Air to rest on a bed of rice. Meredith went to sooth her sorrow with an episode of 'Dance Moms' while I poured out a glass of whiskey to toast my felled companion.

It was with great shock then that I was awoken this morning by my wife shoving the MacBook Air in my face, screen alit, and loading the webpage she had been on before the previous night's horrific accident. Had it all been a horribly cruel dream? Had she somehow punk'd me??

As it turns out neither of those early morning thoughts were true. So with great wisdom I asked her to put it back on the rice, in hopes it would continue to work its magical powers and mend my aluminum brother back to full health.

At 11:30 this morning I arrived at the local Apple store for an appointment, hoping to receive good news, that my MacBook Air would indeed survive this assassination attempt. After running the diagnostic check and taking the bottom off to inspect his innards, it was determined by a 'genius' that barring a potential weakening of the trackpad my beloved machine was in full health, he had made a miraculous recovery!!

It was, to say the least, a tumultuous 16 hours. Currently my MacBook Air is on ordered bed rest until tomorrow when he should, once again, be ready to tackle the entire World Wide Web. It will in short be a most glorious return to battle!