The Ministry Unicorn: A Sunday Morning Off

Yesterday I wasn't teaching, I wasn't in the worship band, and I wasn't at the information desk. I had a Sunday morning off. Yes you read that correctly, a Sunday morning off. Those of you who serve in ministry will realize how rare this is. I'm sure at some point someone has dubbed the Sunday off as 'The Ministry Unicorn', and if that hasn't been done before, well, consider it done now.

These days off, where we just get to be, are really good for me (and everybody, right?). I really wish that churches made their pastors and staff take more Sundays off. Obviously it's our job to work on Sunday mornings, so I understand why pastors aren't given many off, but still, it should be standard procedure to give staff and volunteers more Sundays off.

I think that there are some serious benefits to taking Sunday's off every once and a while:

1. If you aren't preparing for the coming Sunday's festivities you have more time to dedicate to other important areas of ministry. It opens up time in the week to think on long term vision and goals, to work on large projects, to spend more time with people, to do some deeper reading, etc.

2. It let's you better take in the ministry of your Sunday services from the eyes of the congregant. If you aren't 'on' you can participate fully in the worship, listen intently during the sermon and engage in fellowship before and after the service.

3. Rest. Prevent burn out in your staff and volunteers by giving them the occasional Sunday off.

These are just a few thoughts but since the Sunday off was fresh in my mind I thought I'd get them out of my head and onto the screen.

What do you think? Am I off-base or am I on to something?

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