Lotto Mania

Here's what I've learned in the midst of this lottery mania:

  1. Odds aren't all their cracked up to be.  175 million:1 odds to win...and 3 people won.  Who saw that coming?
  2. The lure of wealth is still king in this country.  People were lined up yesterday to buy tickets, waiting and waiting and waiting just for a chance at the windfall of a lifetime.
  3. For those us of who lost, yes I did buy 1 ticket, God is just as good today as he was yesterday.  God's goodness is not dependent upon our circumstances.
  4. For the three that won, God is no more good today than he was yesterday.  Again, our circumstances don't determine God's goodness.
  5. God doesn't need $640 million to do anything.  I'll be honest, last night while trying to fall asleep I was thinking about all of the churches, ministries, and missionaries that could be incredibly blessed by huge donations from the lottery winnings.  Not because I'm super pious but because I thought I'd have a better shot at winning if I gave up 75% of the winnings.  Kind of pathetic really.  But as I was walking my dog this morning I realized that God doesn't need a single penny of that money to do anything.  Though God has placed evangelism, discipleship, and ministry in our hands, the end of the story is completely in his.

God is good all the time and if you are saved you've already received the only jackpot that truly matters.  So let us rejoice in that!