Lexus Has Crappy Marketing

I just saw a commercial for the new Lexus IS and it was terrible.  They used one of the worst marketing formulas out there. Here is how the commercial went:

"We could tell you about (a very specific feature) or about (another specific feature) or even about (yet another very specific feature) but we don't have to (even though we've spent a majority of this commercial doing just that) because (insert expert reference here) already has."


Which raises one major question, if you don't have to mention these features because an industry expert already has, why in the world did you waste time and money writing, filming, editing, producing and advertising a pointless commercial!!??

I find this sort of advertising to not only be pointless but also insulting to my intelligence as a human being and in their minds, as a possible customer (never going to happen).

I am constantly underwhelmed by current advertisements and often wonder how they get approved. Apparently all of the education and experience these marketing firms have has not gotten them any closer to producing quality work.

For those of you that would argue, "well the commercial worked becuase you're talking about it and the product they mentioned" I would say you're wrong. Yes, I am talking about the commercial and the product but I'm doing so in a negative way, stating how awful it was. Marketing is supposed to encourage the public to speak positively about the product/company and encourage people to purchase said product or service. If the marketing is so bad that it pushes me to write a blog post about it within seconds of seeing the commercial, they have failed miserably.

For the record the best commercials I've seen lately are:


They are the best I've seen because they share a story, they understand the basic human desires of friendship/love, and they connect emotionally with you. There isn't anything in the commercials about why their product is better than the competition, what experts say about them, or anything like that. They sell their product through these advertisments because they fit their product into a story that we can relate, and even aspire, to.