Are We Working With Limited Knowledge of Reality?

Below are some incomplete and some what scattered thoughts about original sin, knowledge and reality that I wrote awhile ago. I don't know the answers to them all but I thought I'd share them instead of leaving them stuck in my drafts queue gathering digital dust.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

At church, awhile back, we discussed the outcome of the Fall. At one point in the sermon Eric referenced a quote from AW Tozer. He said:

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they no longer knew who or where they were.

I thought this was an incredibly interesting perspective: because they had sinned, their knowledge of reality became broken.

When I read the story of the Fall I always thought Adam and Eve hid from God because they were ashamed. But what if they hid because they were lost and scared? They were naked, a feeling they had never known before, and some person was calling out and looking for them, something that also had most likely never happened before.

Can you imagine what it would be like to, all-of-the-sudden, not know where you were, why you were there, and what your purpose was? This would be startling to say the least.

What would change about our understanding of God, the universe, and human nature if we knew that we were working with a limited knowledge of reality?

I'm convinced that God gave us the Bible to help us understand those parts of reality that we can't know otherwise. Now the obvious kick back to this statement is 'how can we know what we can't know?'

I think it boils down to this, either we're working with limited knowledge about reality or we've got a full knowledge and this is it (The blind leading the blind if the Bible isn't true, in my estimation anyhow).

If we acknowledge that we're working with limited knowledge then we have to answer the question:'how can we trust the Bible to be true and accurate?'

Answers to these questions are of the utmost importance to showing others the truth of the Bible and Christianity.

Again, these are incomplete thoughts. I'd love to know your thoughts on them via the comments.