Jon Acuff, Skrillex, and Your Smartphone

Yesterday Jon Acuff posted an article on his website entitled, 'Skillex wants you to put down your smartphone.'  Clearly I had to investigate (so should you, very interesting article). Turns out the master of dub step has a point.


We live our lives through technology: iPods, iPads, laptops, desktops, smartphones, facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in, blogs, TV, video games, GPS, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology.  I'm writing this post on a blog, using the internet, on a laptop, with a second monitor and an external hard drive, while listening to my iPod (Umphrey's McGee 'Death by Stereo' in case you're curious), with my iPad within reach.

But, to Acuff's point, how often do we let technology prevent us from being in the moment and experiencing that moment?  Can you share this moment with people after the moment has passed or do you HAVE to tweet about it instantly?  do all your 'friends' on facebook need to know about this right now, or can they wait until you're reflecting on that experience later on?


I'm not advocating ditching social media at all, I am advocating, however, that we keep our priorities straight: be present now, be digital later.