It's been a while

Well, it's been quite sometime since I last posted, with a vacation and then the inevitable business after my return I haven't made writing a priority, but that will change now that life has slowed back down from ludicrous speed to normal speed. So, tonight we had our weekly youth meeting and it was great to be back. A funny thing happened though as I was teaching through James 4.1-10. It talks about Christians being adulterous towards God and how because of that sinful activity towards God we should weep and mourn. It hit me, quite possibly for the first time that when I sin it isn't really an abstract action, it is an action that directly offends God and causes him pain.

It is hard for most of us, I think, to identify with this concept because God is not physically present to us, in that we cannot see him, touch him, or hear him like we can another human. But our relationship with him is more real than we can, or care to, imagine.

We offend God on a regular basis when we act, speak, or think in ways that are contrary to his ways. YET he still offers us grace. This is phenomenal!!

It is impossible for me to understand why God loves me, I just don't get it. But i'll tell you what, I love that he loves me!!! And if I love that he loves me then my life should reflect that.

It all comes down to this: God is jealous for me, so what is my response to that??

We can either love God or the world, not both. And God loves us infinitely more than the world does, so the choice should be easy. Accept the fact that you have sinned, but also accept the fact that God loves you anyways. Grace is the coolest thing ever, try it out, and choose to love God back.