Is this really what we are teaching people about Jesus?

[youtube=] While this video is really, really funny it's also extremely sad.  'Jesus is like a Mountie, he always gets his man, and he'll zap you any way he can....zap."  REALLY?  I understand that this song was written back in the day and is meant to be light hearted, but it scares me to think that this is still how people view Jesus;  that he is warm and cuddly and would never do anything but bake us nice warm brownies and read us bed time stories and tell us how awesome we are.

We wonder why high school students say adios to God during college?  Maybe its because the Jesus they were introduced to as teenagers can't handle their issues.  He's too busy being a Mountie to deal with their addictions, lack of a family life, temptations, loneliness, or sorrow.  Students need to be re-introduced to Jesus, the one who cleared the temple with a whip, who called the Pharisees out in public and with uncompromising language.  The one who will at the end of time judge every soul.  They need to know that Jesus is the only one who can handle their issues, not drugs, not sex, not financial success, not power, not a job.  He is the one who died so they might live, and live abundantly.   No one, or thing, can claim that except Jesus.