My iPhone Home Screen August 2018


What's Changed?

A few things have changed on my Home Screen but overall this month maintains the organizational ideas from last month. 

The biggest change is the absence of a Blue row. I've kept Trello and Day One (Which just received a big update) but gotten rid of the dedicated icons for my Toggl timer Workflows. I did this because the Workflows themselves are better when triggered from the Workflow widget itself. When launched from the Home Screen the Toggl Workflows open the Workflow app, run the Workflow, and then show on-screen popups with the relevant information. When triggered from the Workflow widget, however, the Workflow runs in the background and then displays the relevant information from within the widget itself. No app switching, no popups...much nicer to use and to look at, plus this decision frees up two slots on my Home Screen, so I consider this a big win. 

With those two slots opening up I decided to move the remainder of the Blue row down and add Dark Sky and Slack to the row, to make a fairly rag-tag row of apps. Technically Dark Sky has blue in it and Slack has some blue-ish tones to it, but I'd be lying if I said this row satisfied my design preferences. 

Making it's Home Screen debut this month is a useful app called Just Press Record. I use this app to record voice notes, including my ideas for Stand-Up Comedy...if I ever man-up and tell my jokes in public. What makes Just Press Record so useful is that you can transcribe your recorded audio into text, share the audio, the text, or both, and it also has an Apple Watch app that gives you a dedicated voice recorder wherever you happen to be. I've got a lot to say about this app and hope to share it with you soon, but for now know that this app has quickly made itself a Home Screen must-have for me.

App of the month


Dark Sky

Recently re-designed, Dark Sky is my weather app of choice. It has freaky accurate localized rain predictions, gives you solid forecast data, and can send you notifications based on a number of customizable preferences. If you live in a part of the world, like I do, where routine weather updates are a necessity, or you just appreciate extremely well designed apps, then I highly recommend Dark Sky.  


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