I'm Still Here...

...I promise. I'm in the process of some serious life change. I'm ending my time as the Youth Pastor here at FBC, I'm trying to find someone to rent my house, I'm preparing for my best friends wedding (can't wait!), I'm traveling to Chicago and Detroit for family visists over Christmas AND I'm trying to find my next job.

Needless to say, I'm a busy man. My spare time is really non-existent. Unless of course you consider trying to find employment a hobby, in which case, it's my new favorite thing to do.

I plan on getting back to my regular writing here after the holidays, either because I've found a job or because I haven't. Regardless, I'll be writing about the things that are important to me and hopefully helpful to you. I've got some good stuff up my sleeve, so please don't take my absence here as a lack of motivation, rather, it's the opposite, I'm motivated to provide for my family.

I'll be back in full swing here once the next step is made clear.

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