I'm OK with being small

For those of you that know me you might be a bit confused about the title of this post.  At 6'1" and 235 pounds I am, by standard measure, not a small dude.  I've been referred to as big, large, tall, husky, thick, stout, etc...small was never used to describe me.  

But that is due to perspective.  Compared to other people I am generally above average in height, weight, and overall girth.  Not the tallest, not the heaviest, not the thickest, but certainly bigger than the average guy.  But when the perspective changes from a human comparison to a God comparison, well I become the opposite of big, large, tall, husky, thick, stout, etc.  I become small, and by small I mean, insignificant, microscopic, teeny tiny, a grain of sand compared to the Sun...that kind of small.


Speaking of our Sun, did you know how small it is?  It's microscopic compared to many other stars in the universe.  It's an 800 square foot apartment compared to the United States.  Mu Cephei, not even the biggest star we know of, could hold 4.5 Billion Suns within it, or 6.4 Quadrillion Earths!


God spoke and the heavens were.  He spoke and the stars were....think of that again.  God spoke and a star 4.6 Quadrillion times the size of the planet we live on came flying out of his mouth.  Try remembering that the next time you think God needs your help or counsel with how to do something.  He is so far beyond our understanding its not even funny.  The only thing that comes out of my mouth, usually, is corny jokes...not stars, or galaxies, or planets....or universes. Just corny jokes.


Here's what's even crazier than all of this.  He created you with just as much care, detail, and love...in his image.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We are walking, living, breathing miracles.  And God loves us.