Ideas Are Sexier Than Reality

This is something I'm becoming more and more cognizant of. Everything is sexier when it's an idea. Before the hard work, before the adjustments, and changes, and sweat. Things always seem simpler when they are firmly planted in the realm of ideas. But reality has a special way of making things complex.

Writing is like this for me, I love it, especially when I have a ideas I have to write about. The ideas come flooding in, almost to fast to capture. One after the other, building on each other like a thunderstorm. And then when the ideas have reached their peak, all working together in harmony, I hear myself say, 'Nah, I'll write about it later'. Because that makes so much sense.

There is someting confounding about putting pen to paper, or keystroke to screen in my case. The ideas seem to be so at home in my head, safe from the wilds of the internet. Yet the whole purpsose of ideas is to share them, as perfect or flawed as they are. Yet I've noticed myself shying away from this recently. All I have to do is look at my recent posts and I can tell right away that I've been wussing out.

Sure, there are a few things I've written recently that I can say I'm proud of, but mostly I feel like I've been giving in to my fear and procrastinating big time. This is a stupid thing to do. One of the reasons ideas are so sexy is because they are fleeting. They don't tend to exist very long without some action. It's like ideas gain life when they are acted upon. Action grabs ideas from the ether and brings them into reality, as ugly as it may be.

But at least they are here, in the flesh so to speak. Ready to be operated on and put into action. It's not safe and it isn't always pretty, but my goodness, an idea put into action sure does feel good, especially when I can sit down at my computer and hit publish. In that moment I've overcome my doubt, I've gotten over the fear of not giving my idea it's full due, and I've given the chance for others to interact with my idea...for better or worse.

I love ideas and I love writing. I'm rediscovering that the fear I have of that combination should not be dehabilitating. Fear is good, it means I'm pushing. Ideas are good, they mean I'm alive. What more can I ask for than to be alive and pushing forward?