I Wrote An Action For Launch Center Pro

I wrote a Launch Center Pro action for Quotebook. You can find it here.

Quotebook is an app that lets you collect, organize and easily share quotes that are special to you. It's a good looking app that serves a very specific purpose…my favorite kind of app.

Launch Center Pro is a powerhouse app. It allows me to do my most common actions in a fraction of the time. You should check it out, it's completely changed how I use my iOS devices.

This action is great example of what LCP allows you to do. Open LCP, tap an icon, enter the pertinent info, hit launch and your quote in Quotebook is finished in just a few seconds. If you can add your quote to the clipboard from a different app, you'll save even more time.

I'd love to know what you think about the action. How can it be improved? Do you find it useful?

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