I Made A Podcast!


Yup, it's true.

On January 1 I recorded the very first episode of The Master Class with my good friend Dave Hogue. The Master Class is a show about what Jesus said and did and why it matters today. We want to honestly and openly discuss faith and it's everyday practice without being stuffy or unaccessible. This is, if anything, 2 normal dudes talking about the how and why of faith in God.

We plan on releasing episodes every 2 weeks, due mainly to our wonky work schedules, along with blog posts and other resources. Each episode will focus on a specific passage from the Gospels and most certainly a few tangents, sorry, we can't help ourselves.

I've spent quite a few late nights over the last 2 weeks getting the website ready, all the syndication and iTunes stuff set up, as well as the social media up and running, and it has been a BLAST.

I'd be incredibly grateful if you would take the time check The Master Class out. Head over to the website, poke around, give it a listen and please let me know what you think!

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