How Perfect is Your Aim?

Kim Rhode, 5 Time Olympic Medalist in Trap and Skeet Shooting, hit 99 out of 100 to take home the Gold medal from the London games.  99 out of 100!  That's the world record.  Any way you slice it that is INCREDIBLE.  

As impressive as that is I've got to believe that she's really annoyed that she missed one.  If you miss 3 or 4 you can probably get over it, but missing only 1, that's got to drive her nuts.  Knowing you were that close to perfection, only to miss it by the slightest of margins...I'm frustrated for her.


But that's the thing about perfection isn't it, it's always something we're chasing, something we're never able to attain.  Because once you miss you can't un-miss.  You could hit 1 million in a row after you miss, but you can never take away that miss, it's always going to be there marring your record.  You'll never be perfect.

And that is the purpose of the Law, to be a constant reminder to us of our imperfection.  The Law condemns us and yet at the same time draws us closer to God, which has got to be one of the biggest paradoxes in the universe.  The reason for that paradox is Jesus, the Son of God, fulfiller of the Law, redeemer of the lost, healer of the sick.


Check out this cool depiction of our imperfection and God's sacrifice:

[tentblogger-vimeo 40014381]


I love how sin is portrayed in this short video.  How often do we think of sin this way, as a disease? 

Too often we let 'well I'm forgiven' justify our sin, all the while we are unaware of the havoc sin is causing in our life, hardening our hearts and clouding our minds.


We are all lost but for the grace of God.


In what ways has grace changed your life?