Homecoming Chapel at Taylor University

I'm back in Indiana visiting my alma mater, Taylor University and this morning was Homecoming chapel. During chapel they had 4 alumni on stage that shared about their Taylor experience and then at the end they took questions from some students.  One question simply asked for advice about post university life, careers, and family.

One answer stuck out to me: check your motivations.


What the alumni meant by this was, it's one thing to want to serve God, to do good deeds, to raise a good family, etc but what is more important is the motivation behind those things.  If the motivation behind doing good deeds is to make yourself look better then you're wasting your time.  If your motivation behind having a strong family is to cause envy from other families then you're wasting your time.

The only motivation that matters is the motivation to glorify God in all that you do.


Great reminder.


You never know how great it is to have chapel 3 days a week until you leave, I miss it.

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