Heading to Ethiopia!

In 6 short days I'll be boarding a plane heading for Ethiopia...and I'm am pumped! I'm heading over there with 18 other people from my church for 11 days of missions work with the people of Dubancho and Hosaena, whom we have been connected with by the sovereignty of God.   Here is the purpose statement for the trip:


Our objective is to continue providing support for the church in and around Dubancho, Ethiopia.  As we come alongside and partner with this community we will…

  • Conduct 2 2-day seminars to church leaders
  • Begin work on laying a concrete floor in the Dubancho church building
  • Construct new benches/pews for the Dubancho church
  • Conduct a medical clinic for 2 days (or longer depending on medical supplies)
  • Continue working with leaders on our long-term work project (cattle fattening)
I will be involved in the church leadership seminars and the construction portions of our trip.  Specifically I have the privilege to train the church leaders from the greater Hosaena and Dubancho area's on the importance of youth ministry.  This is such a great opportunity for me, especially since I'm still a rookie in youth ministry.  So I know that if anything I say is truly beneficial to my Ethiopian brothers and their church bodies it is because God showed up and spoke through me.
I never thought I'd ever live in Kansas and I certainly never thought I'd be traveling half way around the world teach other Christians about youth ministry...this is insane! (in the best way possible).  God works in crazy ways sometimes, I'm just glad He has allowed me this unforgettable opportunity to minister to fellow Christians.  I'm confident God will use us to bless and teach our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, but I am even more confident that God will use the Ethiopian church leaders and families that we will meet to bless and teach us about true reliance upon and trust in God.
I fully expect for my faith to be challenged and strengthened by this trip and that excites me very, very much.