Hammock Time!

Right now I'm laying in my hammock, listening to the Dave Matthew's Band (Live at Wrigley Field), drinking a beer and writing. It's 73 and sunny, with a gentle breeze gusting up to about 10mph, enough to keep me cool. All in all, it's a perfect afternoon. Today is a good day.

It's not very often I take advantage of days like these. I'm either too 'busy' or I'm too lazy to enjoy them. I know, I know, too lazy to lay in a hammock!? Sounds ridiculous, right? But lazy people are really good at making excuses so they don't have to change.

I've been learning lately how lazy I used to be and how tempting it is to fall back into that lifestyle. Netflix still calls my name like the muses calling ships to shore. Now, don't get me wrong, I still watch Netflix, I just watch a lot less of it.

Before my internship with WP Daily, which is now over, I'm not really sure what I did with my evenings and weekends, nothing of consequence anyways. Now I come home from work at FBC and I've got a desire to do some serious work on the two startups I'm working on, Anomaly AVL and Status Quo Rebels.

I'm the brand manager for Anomaly and I'm busy trying to build a brand from the ground up. It's incredibly exciting. We've just established our core team and we're moving forward with pace, doing our best to build a strong foundation for the future without spreading ourselves too thin. Patience and quality, that's the goal!

Status Quo Rebels is a project I got invited to by a new friend, James Dalman. It's our take on a 'lifestyle company', if we've got to throw a label on it. It's still in brainstorming mode, but we're launching the site very soon and I'm eager to share our vision with the world at large.

So, I know this hasn't been a typical post but it's such a nice day out and I'm feeling really positive about the future that I thought I'd share what's going on right now in my life.

I hope you take some time to find your 'hammock time' this week and reflect on all that is going on in your life, whether good, bad, exciting, or not. It's important for us to take some time out here and there and just reflect on what God is doing.

Be good and God bless!