Thoughts Concerning Google I/O 2016

Below are the thoughts, reactions, and questions I had while watching this years Google I/O keynote. 

8.5 minutes of crowd scanning to start the keynote is dumb. Why not start the video with the start of the presentation?

Harp thing was odd but sure why not?

Also, I like that they did it outdoors at a concert venue. Heard it was pretty hot though. 

Lots of people watching the live stream, no pressure...cue lots of wind noise coming through the microphones. 

Pichai seems comfortable on stage, easy pace, comfortable demeanor

Google wants to stay ahead of the users, enter assistive search. Machine Learning and AI are big here. 

Google Assistant, building each user their own personal Google. This is cool.

Context is a big deal to making Google Assistant what we all want it to be. 

Shout out to Amazon for the Echo, good on you Google.

Google Home looks nice. Clean, small, and partly customizable.

Tell Google home you want to watch a YouTube video on your TV and it plays, on your TV. How have I lived without this??

Google Home...I want 1...or 5.

The Google Home video is awesome, but the phrase "What this might be like in the future" is concerning. 'Might be'? No, let's make this 'will be'.

Also, adorable kid in a spacesuit, 

Allo is a TERRIBLE name for anything, especially a messaging app you hope billions of people will use. 

Whisper Shout is clever.

Ink, which lets you draw on an image before sending, is a really nice feature. No need for a 3rd party annotation app.

Nice Bernese Mountain Dog...hahaha

Dad jokes...ugghhhh

Seriously though, this machine learning stuff is absolutely wonderful. If these smart responses are at all representative of how this will work, I'm in. 

Duo. Performs well on poor networks...hmmmm.

Android and iOS, yes please.

Knock Knock, again a terrible name, but a really nice feature, Shows you a live preview of the video before you pick up. Smart.

Also, could they have made a logo that looks more like FaceTime?

Observation: Every announcer has had an Android Wear watch on.

Daydream looks very interesting. VR is coming, time to see who wins.

Android Wear 2.0, watches that don’t need a phone! Sooner than I thought but very happy that this is now a thing. Your turn Apple. 

Firebase updates all seem like logical growth but making it all free and unlimited is a very nice gesture by Google. Giving the developers better tools at no cost to them is a great way to earn some relational equity.

Instant Apps huh? Seems like a good idea, not sure how it will work in real life though.  

Nice reference to the game Go. I’ve always wanted to learn that game.

Robots that learn, adapt, and act creatively…not sure how comfortable that makes me. Cool when it helps get things done, not so cool when they take over the world. 

Mentions from the stage:
Beyoncé, Presidential primaries, Champions League, the Hyperloop, the Chicago Bean, The Revenant, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Real Madrid, Christiano Ronaldo, Lord of the Rings...I'm sure I missed some but I always find it interesting to note who and what they promote during these events.  

Tech, GoogleCam Brennan