The Greatness of God


I've been thinking lately about how great God is and it's making my head hurt.  You see God is not Frosted Flakes great but creator of everything that ever has, currently does, or ever will exist great.  This sort of greatness is at odds with the society we live in. In our society superlatives are anything but rare.  How many times have you heard: 'it's the greatest thing since sliced bread!', 'the best cup of coffee on the planet!', or 'greatest basketball player ever!'  It's not unusual for us to use the words awesome, great, unbelievable, best ever, or perfect about everyday occurrences.

Is it any wonder then that we tend to be ignorant to how great God truly is?  If the best part of waking up really is Folger's in my cup, then yes, I've missed the greatness of God in the fact that I actually woke up, that my body functions the way it was designed to, that the Earth isn't on a crash course with the sun, that I have air to breathe.

It's only when we start to think about the infinite details of life in comparison to the overwhelming size of the universe that we can even begin to understand how great God really is.  I'd continue on but Louie Giglio says it a bit better than I would:

[tentblogger-youtube rRiIWL04po8]


Pretty intense right?

I agree with Louie when he says that satan tries to puff us up and lower God down in our minds.  What's more, we buy into that lie more often than not.

So how should we respond?  I'd suggest we respond in worship.  Give God the glory and honor and majesty that he is due.

One of my favorite songs right now, Great I Am, does just this.

[tentblogger-youtube J5CWGi82N7k]


What does God's greatness mean to you? How are you reminded of it?

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