Fall Retreat

Our fall retreat is quickly approaching, 4.5 weeks away!!  And I'm getting really excited about it for a  few reasons.  The first being, we're FINALLY having a retreat.  We had to reschedule our fall retreat last year to a winter retreat, and then when the winter retreat was supposed to happen we got like 14 inches of snow overnight and the camp shut down and we were forced to reschedule again!  So pray that we can actually have a retreat.  The second reason is because it'll be a great way to kick off the fall and begin the new school year.  And third, we're going to do something a little crazy. We're calling the retreat 'Rock the Boat' and it's all about being different than the world.  As Christians we are called to live a holy, set-apart, righteous life and in America today that life is threatened by conformity to a culture that is not holy.  We aren't going to be preaching complete seclusion and the like, but we will be discussing practical ways in which Christians should be different from the overriding culture of modern society.  We'll also be discussing how being different presents us with the opportunity to share with people why we live, act, and speak differently, aka, sharing the Gospel.

Which leads us to the crazy thing we're going to do.  The week after the retreat our students will be handing out 1,500 Life Books at our local High School.  Thats enough for every single student at GEHS to receive a Life Book.  If you don't know what the Life Book is check it out @ http://thelifebook.com.

Our students will be given the opportunity to, simply and easily, share the Gospel with every student in their school.  They don't have to debate, they don't have to prepare a speech, they don't even have to get nervous or stressed out.  All they have to do is hand the Life Book to their class mates and ask them to read it.

Hopefully you can see why I'm pumped about this and why its a little crazy.  Crazy because of the scale and AWESOME because of the impact it will have.  We have the potential to share the Gospel with 1500 students in one week!! Thats so cool I can barely contain myself.

Please pray for the students at Gardner-Edgerton HS as we approach September 12.  Pray for our students to be bold and excited about sharing the Gospel with their peers and that the students at the school would be receptive to the message of God.