Is There a Balance Between Faith and Action?

In the business world success is often related to outworking your competition; to out thinking them and having greater passion. (Paraphrase of quote from Roy Spence).  

In the business world this makes sense.  Work harder, smarter and more passionately and you will have a greater chance at success.  But what about in ministry?  Can we achieve success by outworking the competition?  (By competition here I mean the enemy, not other churches)  Are we called to this sort of business mentality?  I'm not sure.  I've struggled with this for a long time.  How in fact does one find the balance between relying on God and relying on oneself?


Scripture makes it abundantly clear that we are saved through faith, not by works.  We can't work long enough, hard enough, smart enough, or passionately enough to achieve salvation. We can only receive salvation as a gift through faith.  BUT it is also clear that faith without works is dead.  Meaning, there is work to be done by us.  So often, in my experience, I've seen and participated in the lazy Christian ministry approach. "If God wants it to happen he'll make it happen", using waiting on God as a justification for laziness and a poor work ethic.  Yet I've also seen ministries that run like a completely secular business where there is no reliance on God whatsoever; God is there in name only and scarcely at that.


What do we do?

I wish I had the answer, it would be a real nice way to wrap this post up.  But I don't.  I struggle with this, big time.  I know it is ridiculous to work as if God does not care, but I also know it is ridiculous to work as if I don't care. And that's where I'm at.  I need some guidance here.


How do you find the right balance of faith and action in your work?