Diversity and Beauty

Most of the time the stuff that stops me cold in my tracks is found in creation. The Rocky Mountains, the Great Barrier Reef, a Redwood tree, the empty horizon over an ocean, the stars, a lion. These are the things that are most beautiful to me and the things that cause me to wonder. And wonder is one of the things I believe beauty is meant to instill in us. 

Do you ever stop to wonder why God created so many different things? 

How insanely boring would life be if everything were the same? 

Beauty is certainly found in diversity. Light and dark, mountains and beaches, fire and ice, wrath and grace, all of these things different, all of these things beautiful. 
So why do we fight diversity? Why is our urge to surround ourselves with like minded people who look, and talk, and dress, and eat like us? Why do we rebel against diversity? I think it has a lot more to do with sin than we're ready to admit. Beauty is God's language, it's his signature. Sin can't handle that and so we rebel from beauty, we replace it with sin's version of beauty: we turn porn into art, we make music that worships us instead of God, we marvel at skyscrapers instead of galaxies.
We live in a universe overflowing with the beautiful handiwork of God yet we allow ourselves to find 'beauty' in sinful garbage.