D6 - David Platt

I had never heard David Platt speak before last week.  I had heard of his book 'Radical' before, but had written it and him off as the 'new hot young pastor' who'd be irrelevant in 1 year....shame on me.  If David Platt is irrelevant in 1 year then Christianity in America really is dead.  It will have no room for a pastor like him, who does not give in to the health and wealth gospel, and doesn't think that the American way of more, more, more is equal to the way Jesus call us to live.  Granted, David is not the only pastor in the country who feels this way, but he is definitely outspoken and has made his voice heard. To say that I was impressed by what David Platt said would be an understatement.  He reminded me of why I am in ministry and what lit my fire to serve Jesus in the first place: seeing people's lives changed because they met Jesus and fell in love with Him.  I did not dive into ministry so I could get a bunch of teenagers to 'pray THE prayer', I got into ministry to show people Jesus so they might know Him, and know Him deeply.


David taught out of Luke 9.57-62 and made three main points:

1.  teach our students to treasure the person of Jesus more than the possessions of this world

Jesus is not a means to an end, like all of our possessions, he is the end.  We don't get Jesus to get other things (happiness, joy, heaven, a place to go on Sunday morning), we follow Jesus to follow Jesus.

How does this work itself out in our youth ministry?  Is Jesus more important than the newest technology we have, or what games we play, or even how good our worship music sounds?

It is my job as the youth pastor to show them what this looks like by living it out in my own life.  Do I love Jesus more than my possessions?  Is my value truly rooted in Him?


2. tell our students that God's kingdom is infinitely more important than their family

Family is very important, but God's kingdom is even more important.  Our view of family needs to stretch beyond our nuclear and extended family.  It includes everybody on the planet; its the Great Commission.


3. train our students to love the Lord enough to gladly leave their home behind

Jesus should be our greatest affection.  And if he is we should be more than willing to follow him wherever he is leading us.


I was, and still am convicted by what David said.  I have to ask myself 'is this my heart?' 'do I embrace this in my life?'  'is Jesus my greatest affection?'


I hope you ask yourself these questions as well.  Don't be afraid to wrestle with them.