Created not Creator

So lately I've been thinking a lot about the act of thinking.  Kind of weird when put that way, but that's the truth, I've been thinking about thinking.  Now I'm certainly not the world's best thinker, in fact I'm not even the best thinker in family, but that hasn't stopped me from putting some serious thought into this whole concept. Every second that ticks by countless thoughts pass through our brains, some of them even making sense from time to time. As I type this my mind is thinking of all kinds of things to say and the machine I'm typing on was created by the countless thoughts had by many, many people over a long period of time.  Our ability to think has created a world where everything is at our fingertips.  If we want something we can usually get it right away.

Even now, some of you will get this post on Facebook, some on Twitter, some on your smart phone, some on your tablet, some on your laptop, and some on your desktop.  Our ability to think has driven us to a pinnacle of technology never seen before on this planet.  And depending on who you ask you might even hear them say that our technology and collective intelligence has propelled us to the pinnacle of human thought.  We 'know' more about the universe than ever before they say, science can tell us the size of the universe, the number of galaxies, approximately the number of stars, what 'dark matter' is, and on and on.

My only question is, are we really that smart?  Are we capable, by a combination of moxy, brain power, and sheer dumb luck really capable of figuring it all out?  If the galaxy really is as big as the Naturalistic Atheist scientists say, can our puny race with our puny brains really understand how everything came to be?  They seem to think so and the fact that most Christians don't bother trying to figure out the physics behind it causes them to call us 'intellectually lazy'.

They accuse Christians of using the 'God in the gaps' mentality, which says, 'I don't God made it that way.' (granted some people think this way, and I think it's sad, but as a sweeping generality this is offensive and untrue)  The inverse can be said of them, I'll call it 'science in the gaps' which says, 'well I don't know...but with good science we'll figure it out some day!'  What happens if that day comes long after you're dead and gone?  What is almighty Science going to do for you in eternity?

I don't mean to be harsh, but seriously.  Because I don't spend my life searching out the answers to the questions of science does not make me 'intellectually lazy', if anything it makes me happier.  Here's why...I don't have to spend my life doing this.  Now the Bible is certainly not a textbook for how God created everything, anyone who looks at the  Bible that way will certainly disappointed, but that is not the intent of the Bible.  The purpose of the Bible is to communicate WHY God created everything  (Check out an earlier post here that covers this in more depth).


I am convinced that God is more concerned about us understanding why he created everything than how he did.


Atheists will claim that the onus is on Christians to prove the existence of God yet they consistently are on the offensive trying to prove that he doesn't, always attacking Biblical Christianity.  What science knew 200o years ago is slim compared to today, yet God is still the same.  What science will know in 2000 more years will dwarf what it knows today, God will still be the same. Their efforts to figure it all out are in vain for this reason, we are created, He is Creator.  Science may be able to tell us how babies are made, why planets don't crash into each other, and what the molecular structure of elements are, but it cannot tell us how God created everything and more importantly it cannot tell me WHY I was created.


*as a footnote, despite what it may seem, I'm not a Science hater.  I've got engineers, chemistry majors, a sister in Pre-Med, and another sister who's life was saved by science.  So there's no hate for science itself.  What I do hate is when people, like radical atheists, take science out of its proper role and use it to teach theology (atheology might be a better term...if its a real term anyways).  You don't see me using the Bible to tell people how to run a football offense do you?  Science has its place, a very big one in fact, but it is not in theology and it is certainly not in telling me why I was created.