Don't Compartmentalize Your Life, It Doesn't Work

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Why is it that we try and compartmentalize our lives so much? How many times do you hear people refer to their work life, their home life, their sex life, their prayer life, etc? Seems to me to be a pretty common occurence, but it makes no sense. All of these 'separate' lives are entwined and entangled with one another. You can't separate them, but people still insist on trying. This confuses me.

Each area of my life impacts the others. I run the risk of sabotaging my own life if I try to segregate a certain part of my life from the rest. For example, if a person were to segregate their so called 'sex life' from the rest, they run the risk of obsessing over that area. Everything else in their life takes a back seat to getting laid. The same can be said about your 'work life' or even your 'prayer life'.

These things become idols, causing us to lose perspective on what is truly important.

So instead of focusing on a specific subset of your life, why not zoom out a bit and live a more even life? Realize that everything in your life is connected, you can't have a crappy home life and expect that not to impact the rest of your life. Just look at Tiger Woods: an over zealous focus on his sex life impacted his home life and his work life...big time.

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