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On Patience and Growing Up

I'm making a concerted effort to write more.

It's something that I love to do but have been neglecting over the past two years in pursuit of other things (video making and podcasting). No more! Writing is my first and true love when it comes to creativity and expression. So I'm forcing myself to write on a regular basis and publish the results either here or on my Medium page depending on the topic. 

This selection contains some very underdeveloped thoughts on patience and growing up. I really want to dig more into these topics but in the spirit of putting my thoughts out there, here we go.

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Iterating On Yourself

The concept of iterating on ideas is a fairly common one. You start with the initial idea, critique it, tweak it, review it, and then start the cycle over again until you are ready to execute on it. You can find the concept of iteration in design, cooking, architecture, music, writing, heck, you can even find it in parenting. 

Anything that starts as an idea and ends as an action or product is better off when it goes through iterations. No idea is perfect at conception.

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LifeCam Brennan
A Life of Consequence

I've been debating, internally, about what it means to live a life of consequence. By "live a life of consequence" I mean that I want to be able to use the time that I have to do things that have gravitas and staying power in my world. I don't want to get to the end and regret how I chose to live my life. 

We only get one shot at this.

That truth is, if I'm honest with myself, really at the heart of this internal debate. I've got one shot to live my life and I'm already 30 years into it. Have I mentioned that I have a child now too? 

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LifeCam Brennan
Brief Thoughts On Minimalism

What it takes to be a minimalist writer is much less than what it takes to me a minimalist surgeon. A writer needs a pen and paper, the surgeon requires many more tools. So minimalism isn't about the number of things required but about the idea: "what I need and nothing more."

Clutter slows things down, it muddies the water, it creates burden. I don't like being slowed down, I don't like muddy water, and I don't like being unnecessarily burdened. I want the freedom to act, buoyed by the requisite tools, so I can accomplish the goals at hand.

This is my ideal situation. Only the things I need and nothing more.

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