'C' is for Coffee...and Christian

It all started back in my days as a student at Taylor University.  (Which is a WONDERFUL University...you should totally go there or send your child there)  One day at chapel I noticed something peculiar, a majority of the ladies had their coffee mugs with them.  At the next chapel I noticed it again.  Now, it gets cold in Indiana during the winter so I wrote it off as a self preservation act.  

Fast forward to current times.  You look around the sanctuary at your church...everyone is drinking coffee.  It's an epidemic!  I went to a church down in Texas while on a vacation, their coffee bar was bigger than their welcome desk.


So what is with Christians and coffee?  Is it a rite of passage that I am unfamiliar with?  Does having a coffee bar (or station...depending on your denomination) make you a 'cool' church? Does coffee in the hands of people increase the authenticity of worship?


And seriously my Bible believing friends, a bar in church!!??  My great great grandpa is rolling in his grave.

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