Bye, Bye Evernote

Last week I shared the reasons behind 'The Great iPhone Purge of 2013'. In that post I mentioned that I was going to be getting rid of Evernote on my devices as well. This has been an interesting development for me. I used to LOVE Evernote. I used it all the time. We were best buds. I liked it, and believed in it, so much that I wrote not one but two posts about it. My post on 'Evernote and Action Method Online' is the most visited post in the history of this blog. It has been visited nearly three times more than my second most popular post. That's domination my friends.

So what happened? How did I go from an Evernote evangelist to dropping it completely from my life?

I blame Apple.

When I started using Evernote I had a PC, an Android phone and an iPad. So in order to access notes, essays, blog post drafts, to do lists, etc on all my devices I needed Evernote. It gave me the ability to work wherever I was without having to worry about OS differences/compatibility. I loved this about Evernote.

I also used it to back up my Tweets, Instagram pics, and blog posts via IFTTT. I'm stopping this as well, it's overkill.

Since then I've replaced that Android phone with an iPhone 5 and that dreadful Dell PC with a MacBook Air, the best machine on the planet. As such, they all talk with each other incredibly well. Everything is backed up the iCloud, all the apps sync in their native environment...I just don't need Evernote anymore.

I can now keep draft posts in iA Writer, I don't need to copy them into Evernote to access them when I'm away from my computer. Everything gets to stay in the right place and is actually easier to access because I live in the Apple ecosystem.

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So Evernote, it's been real. But this is goodbye. Don't call, that would be awkward.

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