500 Posts Later

five hundred

This is actually post 501. I was reading Calvin’s Institutes earlier and couldn’t help but post a quote from it. So it seems post 500 was actually better than I would have anticipated because it was a quote from someone far more intelligent than myself. But I digress, back to the point.

500 posts in 1,142 days. That’s 1 post every 2.28 days, or almost exactly 3 posts per week. It was my goal, at certain points, to post 3 times a week, so to see that I’ve hit that average over 3 years is pretty cool. Now of course there were times where I didn’t post for 2 weeks and other times where I posted every day, but that’s just me: inconsistent.

I’ve had a little time to reflect on reaching 500 posts and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m nowhere near where I want to be.

I’m not writing at the level that I would like to, I’m not thinking at the level that I would like to, I’m not consistent in either of these areas. I’m not trying to beat myself up, there are a number of posts that I’m very proud of, but there are definitely some posts that make me cringe.

I want to get better and to do that I have to keep writing, keep reading, and keep conversing about challenging topics. For me this centers around Theology and Culture. I’ll still share pictures and thoughts about technology but I want, in my next 500 posts, to really start digging more deeply into Theology and Culture.

Thank you for wading through a lot of the nonsense over these last 3 years, I hope we can engage in some great discussions in the future as I try and get better at this blogging thing.