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My iPhone Home Screen July 2018

My iPhone is a tool that I love to use. As such, I take particular care to make sure that my home screen is set up to work for me (link to taking back my iPhone). Each month I plan on sharing my home screen with you all as a way to let you know about any new cool apps I’m using, to provide my thoughts on productivity and technological usefulness, as well as to provide an online archive for myself of how I was thinking and working in the past. Ultimately, however, I hope you will find these posts helpful and informative.

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Some of My Favorite Workflows for @WorkflowHQ

Workflow is an incredible app for iOS. It takes what I love about Launch Center Pro, powerful actions covered in a friendly UI, and couples it with unparalleled power to automate iOS. I didn't expect an app that can do more than LCP while also making it easier to understand and build complex workflows, for at least another year...but I'm happy to be wrong in this instance. Workflow is incredible. Instead of telling you why I think Workflow is so amazing, I decided to just show you. The rest of this post will be filled with some useful and fun worfklows that I built as well as some built by more practiced iOS gurus. With each workflow I'll include pictures, explanations and a link to install the workflow right on your very own iOS device.

By clicking on each workflow, inside the app, you are able to see and edit the workflow's components, as well as run the workflow. You can also add the workflow to your homescreen, add it to LCP, share the workflow, or submit it to the 'Gallery', a curated selection of quality workflows. But enough of the preliminary stuff, let's dive in.

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