What I'm Doing Next

I've been thinking lately about what I enjoy writing about the most and what I can easily talk about with friends or strangers and I keep coming back to Theology, doctrine, faith, the Bible, and Christianity in general. These are the topics I began writing about years ago when I was a Youth Pastor and I've gotten away from them since then, perhaps because I wasn't studying them regularly anymore, or perhaps because I was chasing after something else...but now I think I've come full circle and landed upon them once again.

What I've found in my conversations, in reading, and in listening to others teach is that 1 of 3 scenarios plays out:

  1. Very simple concepts are discussed and there is a lack of depth to the writing/teaching, which results in very little life change. A sort of hollow discussion that is heavy on emotion and light on facts and sound Theology.
  2. Lots of big words and concepts, that are not explained, that make those without seminary degrees feel like the Bible is something they just can't understand. I mean really? What normal person knows ancient Hebrew or Greek?
  3. Teaching or writing somewhere in the middle of these previous options, where big words aren't used, or if they are they are defined, described, and replaced with everyday terms. Where the depth of Truth is not sacrificed for simplicity but is still communicated in a way that people without any formal education or training in Biblical Studies can read/listen, understand fully, and experience the life change that the Gospel brings. 

I'm very much interested in option 3. Are you interested in option 3 as well?

If you are please leave a comment below letting me know. Also, please leave topics you would like to see discussed. I know I have some topics that I think would be interesting to dive into but I would certainly appreciate your input and direction as we start this new endeavor. 

Here is what I can promise of the articles I publish in the future:

  • Reliable resources to support the premise and subsequent explanation of each article
  • I will not tell you how to live your life, I'll just lay out the topics and let you decide what conclusions to make
  • Where possible I would like to present the multiple sides of an argument, so that we can better understand our own viewpoint but also those of the people in our lives
  • Quotes, explanations, interviews, and even whole articles from pastors, professors, and others who know more about a specific topic than I do
  • These posts will not be perfect, therefore I will listen to feedback and corrections from you

With that all said, I suppose it's time to start researching my next post. I look forward to reading your comments and mapping out a topic list. Thanks and talk to you soon.


Cam Brennan